Site applications close on 1st of Feb

2019 Site Applications now available – please see below

Any enquiries prior, please email

Please post us the completed application (P.O.Box 511 New Norfolk, 7140) OR scan and email your completed application.

Payment may be made via direct deposit or cheque enclosed with the application.

Please ensure that if using direct deposit you make the payment as soon as you can in relation to sending us the application.

Food Stall Proprietors: Please note DV Council requires us to submit prior to the Show a list of all food sellers.

This is to check that everyone has either a Business Food License (from any Council) or a temporary food license (DV Council) for the day.

If you have a Business License, please forward a current copy with your application.

If intending to apply for a Temporary License please allow as many weeks as you can for processing – we advise not leaving until last fortnight as they expect all food businesses to be fully registered at the absolute minimum a fortnight before.

Please submit at earliest convenience.

NOTE: Applications close on Friday 1st February 20198

On receipt of your application and payment, you will be emailed (or phoned if you do not have an email address) to confirm your application has been received.

Then around Feb 7th will forward you your receipt, site number, and your two free admission passes plus any others you have requested.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or ph. 6286 5156 if you would like any further information.

Looking forward to having your participation,

Important Information for using Direct Deposit

We receive many direct deposits before the Show, not just Site Applications but entries for Equestrian etc. It creates difficulties for the Treasurer if we can’t readily identify on bank statements who the payment is from and whether a payment made is for a site, or a competition etc. This can lead to confusion and delays in processing applications.

We ask you to please: identify your payment with the bank in the following way by having the word “site” first, and then your “site name” as it appears on your Application Form.

(Please do not use your contact name unless it is the same as your site name)
Examples: Site: Bob’s Pizzas ; Site: Puppets Inc.; Site: Gifts Galore

If you have any questions regarding ground space, please do not hesitate to contact either the Secretary (Phone: (03) 6286 5156) or email:

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