Entries may be posted at own risk to:

Bushy Park Show Society Inc.
Home Industries, PO Box 511, New Norfolk Tas 7140

Or Delivered to Bushy Park Showground on Friday 19th February between 11am & 7pm.

Secretary – ph. 6286 5156 Email: bushyparkshow@hotmail.com

Competition Schedule /entry forms for 2018 will be available by early December


  1. Entries must have your name, section/class number clearly attached to each item & state if Junior or Senior entrant before being given to stewards.
  2. Your name will be removed or covered with your exhibitor number by the stewards before display and judging.
  3. Please do not submit any item that has previously been shown at the Bushy Park Show.
  4. Hall of Industries – turn right once through the main gate

Judging notes to help exhibitors

  • Bread – good appearance, golden brown colour, moist, tender, soft velvet texture with no taste of yeast.
  • Cupcakes – Even, unbroken, decorated the same or as a set theme.
  • Special Occasion Cake – Iced/decorated with any variety of icing. Neat, even, well presented. (Will not be cut)
  • Scones – Should be well risen, with even sides and smooth top. Evenly browned top and bottom with tender crust. No flour spots or excess flour on base. Uniform in size and shape.
  • Fruitcake – Should have a smooth glossy surface with no cracking or shrinking. A medium fine tender crust with no protruding fruit or spotting.
  • Biscuits or Slices – Should be small and even in size and not broken. Should be 3 of the same type. E.g. 3 Anzac or 3 caramel slices etc.
  • Confectionary – Confectionary can be any type but must be 3 of the same item. E.g. 3 coconut ice. Small even pieces cut neatly and uniform in shape and size
  • Lamingtons – Uniform in shape and size. Icing should lightly cover – not penetrate cake.
  • Coconut should be fine and clean. 3 of each.
  • Knitting – Tension should be firm but elastic. Even knitting: should be evenly balanced on each side of garment with no large holes showing. Patterns should match at seams. Correct proportions of parts of garments. Buttons should fit in buttonholes and be sewn on with same yarn as the garment. Seams should be flat, inconspicuous and strong. Casting on and off should be even.
  • Knitted toys – Should have hand sewn features where possible, with firm limbs, even stuffing and be attractive to the eye.
  • Crochet – Work should be neat and clean, well pressed with good shape and proportion. Firm even tension, so design holds its shape. Suitable thread ply for design and purpose. Firm, strong, inconspicuous joins. Flat, strong, elastic side seams, matching patterns at seams.
  • Variety and degree of difficulty of stitches.
  • Dressmaking – Machining must be straight and even in stitch length and tension with ends securely fastened. Seams, darts, hems, fastenings, general finishing, neatness and cleanliness should be considered. Buttonholes should be evenly spaced, neat durable, decorative and not bulky. Necklines, including collar should have seams well trimmed, graded and clipped.
  • Sleeves – seam allowance neatly trimmed. Lining and interfacing should suit the garment and be properly positioned with no puckering.
  • Embroidery – Work should be clean and fresh, tension of stitches even. No knots, loose ends or loops. Backs neat and tidy. Difficulty and variety of stitches used and correct execution of stitches.
  • Above all, enter to have fun!

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Support Your Local Business